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SKY SCRAPPER TECH offers complete assistance related to Business or Personal Website via phone or internet. Our Dedicated Team works 24x7 in order to cater the needs of the clients, Since over 95% of issues can be resolved remotely, the service is ideal for the vast majority of issues that could be resolved with the help of our technology. For the other 5% of issues, we still guide You (YOU or YOUR simply means our customer, It encompasses any individual or a Company) toward a solution or act intermediary to achieve a resolution.

We at SKY SCRAPPER TECH are one of the leading companies in the field of Website Designing, Web Development and Support , we provide remote support to home users and businesses and resolve their issues by providing best class services to our clientele , we have got world class team for Web Designing and Development which include experts and certified professionals that deals with :

• Website Designing for Small, Medium and large Size Businesses and Companies

Web Development for B2B , B2C , E-Commerce etc

• Website Hosting for B2B , B2C , E-Commerce etc

• Logo Designing for all type of Businesses and Brands

• Content Writing for all type of websites : B2B,B2C E-Commerce

Our Support team in Designing and Developing consists of experts and certified professionals with many years of experience. Therefore they have got an in-depth knowledge of creating the best website, with proper advanced features, with in short span and with perfection .Our experts also have blend of knowledge in the field of Logo Designing, Content Writing Email account Creating, application Creating etc. Our dedicated team work 24*7 for Your satisfaction and always try our best to satisfy Your needs.


Online content or any type of material made available to download from the SKY SCRAPPER TECH website. Such content includes web casts, white papers, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, product information, quick reference guides, or other works of any kinds. However, a material doesn't include the design or layout of the SKY SCRAPPER TECH site. The materials available for download from the SKY SCRAPPER TECH web site as well as the site are proprietary and copyrighted works of SKY SCRAPPER TECH.


To Deliver the Services for the plan or service selected by You, SKY SCRAPPER TECH Certified Technician have to access Your computer remotely so that we could understand Your Requirement in depth and provide you the best in class service for Your Business Website. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of Services and it's Your responsibility to make it available for our Web Designer or Developer. You also need to assist the technician in all means possible while he/she would understand kind of website or service you want . And if You fail to cooperate with our expert, it can be considered as breach of agreement. You are also requested to let our technician decide on the procedures to follow when you would be connected remotely.


• Ask and Assist You to download and install the support software.

• Assist You to use the remote assist tool and facilitate remote access.

• Utilize certain third-party software, which will be removed upon completion of our Services.

The support software or any other third-party software under discussion (also referred to as remote assist tool or support software tool) is the property of SKY SCRAPPER TECH or the respective third-party software provider. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, You allow our Technician to install and utilize whatever support software tool deemed necessary to discuss the website pyramids.


The Service which SKY SCRAPPER TECH provide through Our Online technical service includes:

• Website Designing for Small, Medium and large Size Businesses and Companies Web Development for B2B , B2C , E-Commerce etc

• Website Hosting for B2B , B2C , E-Commerce etc

• Logo Designing for all type of Businesses and Brands

In addition to the above mentioned Services, our technicians may also recommend certain Services to make your Website more advanced and up to date.


SKY SCRAPPER TECH has got trained and certified Designers and Developers who have blend of knowledge in the field of Web Designing, Development, Logo Designing, Content Writing or Web Based Issues and Redesigning and development of Website . If due to any reason whatsoever, a technician is unable to resolve the issue, You will NOT be liable for charges of any kind while diagnosis, Our experts and technicians determine that the issue is beyond our support boundaries, SKY SCRAPPER TECH may use commercially reasonable efforts to refer to the appropriate alternate destination.


Sometimes, Due to Server, system maintenance or up gradation , the Services SKY SCRAPPER TECH offer may not be available in Your time zone or geographical location. In that case You have to Cooperate with our technician and give the best suitable time to assist you with the services.


SKY SCRAPPER TECH reserves the right to terminate the Services with proper intimation to You if the company determines that the subscription service You've availed is being used by any other person other than You, or on any other Website other than the one registered with us, In such a scenario SKY SCRAPPER TECH reserves the right to terminate the Services However the refund is further subject to additional requirements, restrictions, and limitations of the subscription plan You've availed. For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.