The terms of an agreement between You and SKY SCRAPPER TECH are as under

• By using this Web site, You (YOU or YOUR simply means Our customer, It encompasses any individual or a Company) Agree that You have read and understood to be bound by these terms and conditions to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use our services.

• SKY SCRAPPER TECH may or without giving any notice to You, at any time, reverse these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this Web site.


• SKY SCRAPPER TECH may also make improvisation or changes in the products, services, described in this web site at any time without prior intimation.

• While receiving the information from You for the purpose of receiving services or products SKY SCRAPPER TECH obtain the following rights from You.

(a) we obtain Your permission to use Your name and other required information for the purpose of processing the services.

(b) we first notify You that the materials or other information You submit to a particular part of this site will processed or used with Your name on it for your service or Plan you Chose .

(c) While Processing the services SKY SCRAPPER TECH request Your complete cooperation in terms of maintaining, monitoring and guiding for the required services.

(d) During the period of website service ( Development, Designing, Logo Designing, Content writing or any other service related to our plans You are requested to provide the proper information about Your business, plans and Products so that our experts who create proper contents as per Your requirement on Your Website.

(e) Plan selected or Service Selected should be paid in advance. In addition to the Plan charges, any local taxes, such as service tax etc. may be levied at the time of agreement and would be charged if applicable.

(f) No work shall be undertaken on Sunday or US National Holidays, Bank Holidays or outside the office hours of SKY SCRAPPER TECH.

(g) On termination of contract SKY SCRAPPER TECH shall have no obligation or liabilities arising out of this agreement and the customer shall have no right to claim any refund or compensation.

(h) Under Your Service Plan Contract, the material needed for the website such as Pictures, Address Information (or) any Valid Documents needed for the Website shall be borne by the customer.

(i) After signing the contract, You shall Cooperate for the following :

(a) Full information regarding your Business shall be provided, including Your Business plans, Products cost, Area of interest, Target Area, and other important information which is required to make Your Website an attractive one.

b) A working and high speed Broadband internet connection. so that SKY SCRAPPER TECH experts can explain You all the concepts related to website in detail over the internet through the remote sessions.


(1) All payments must be made in advance before the initiation of work on Your Website

(2) All payments once paid are non refundable and charges will not be reversed. SKY SCRAPPER TECH is in no way responsible for any refund under any circumstances or situation for any reason whatsoever either arising because of poor internet connectivity, satellite phone connection or dial up Incase of any valid reason, Refund would be processed with in the refund processing time .

(3) All Price for Plans or Services Stated in any quote, would be taken as the Current Plan or Service Price , Depends on the Selection of the Plan or Service .

(4) SKY SCRAPPER TECH Plan Prices or Service Price may vary or change depends upon the location, Product and time, taxes or duties may be imposed in addition to the service price or plan price.

(5) Incase if You face any issues on your Website or work done by SKY SCRAPPER TECH, After the completion of the service You are requested to call SKY SCRAPPER TECH for further assistance our support team would be more than happy to assist you always.


• SKY SCRAPPER TECH provide the benefit of warranty for the services provided for the limited time incase if You want to extend that, it is permitted to do so by calling us on our customer care number anytime .

• SKY SCRAPPER TECH assures that we would assign trained and skilled technician for the services of Your Website or any other plan or service selected by You.

• SKY SCRAPPER TECH may provide you the proper guidance on every section of the Website, You hereby acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining all necessary third party services or products and You must not breach the security Server or Hosting server provided by SKY SCRAPPER TECH for your Website during the contact tenure.

• SKY SCRAPPER TECH technician are trained to help, and we guarantee to supply an appropriately trained engineer Certified Technician to you however we do not guarantee that we can fix every problem on the websites which are designed by third party, we could assure you the complete guidance for such issues by acting like an intermediary between You and third party service provider. However SKY SCRAPPER TECH would NOT be responsible in case any kind of security breached or damage of product or service is done by the third party.

• You agree that SKY SCRAPPER TECH will not be responsible for the cost of the additional features added to the website, which are not included in our service Plan.


SKY SCRAPPER TECH advises the availability of Adult’s representation and presence throughout each remote access from SKY SCRAPPER TECH technician. So that all the details related to website or plan selected could be explained in detail .


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• If we do not enforce any of our rights under this Contract this does not prevent us from exercising these rights in the future.

• The Contract and all communications between SKY SCRAPPER TECH and YOU will be conducted in the English language.


Time by time, this Website may contain technical inaccuracies or typing errors. SKY SCRAPPER TECH do not warrant the accuracy of any posted information. Please be updates and confirm the accuracy and completeness of information by calling our customer care number before using the website to make decisions relating to services, products, or any other matters described in this Website.


SKY SCRAPPER TECH does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from unknown visitors on our Web site. Please note that any information or material sent by any unknown visitor on website of SKY SCRAPPER TECH will be deemed NOT to be confidential.

Personally-identifiable information from our customers that is submitted on the Website of SKY SCRAPPER TECH for the purpose of receiving products or services will be handled with complete safety and security and in accordance with our privacy policies. Please review entitled “Privacy” for information regarding SKY SCRAPPER TECH Privacy Policy.


When the customer calls for the Service or the Plan, incase the experts found the service can not be provided then SKY SCRAPPER TECH would not be able to assist you in such scenario However the resolution guidance would be provided by our expert technician that can be fixed by third party service provider. SKY SCRAPPER TECH is not liable for such services neither through remote control nor chat support.